The CREATE Community

Turn your unique creative expression into your superpower

If you’ve ever felt like there’s something untapped in you, and you want to turn your unique creativity into art or spend more time honing your artistic skill – then the CREATE Community is for you!

The BIGGEST block I see thousands of creatives face...

Do you often find yourself feeling uninspired and doubting your artistic abilities? You’re not alone. I’ve met thousands of creatives, and this one block holds them back from becoming the confident artists they aspire to be.

Just like a dedicated basketball player follows a rigorous training plan to improve their game, an artist needs a structured approach to nurture their creativity, receive valuable feedback and direction, and consistent practice in order to master their craft.

If you don’t have the creative direction, regularly make time to practice or have the right support around you, you’re going to feel uninspired and lack confidence as an artist. 

Throughout my 15+ years in my career as an artist, generating millions of dollars in revenue and hundreds of millions of views on my art, I’ve identified 4 areas that creatives need in order to turn their creativity into something bigger.

Most creatives have one or maybe two, but very few of them have intentionally cultivated all four. If you want to become a the most powerful creative you can be, you need to work on all four of these areas.

This is why I’m launching the CREATE Community to provide you with a space to practice my proven 4-step framework that I have followed to develop my creative voice, get offered incredible opportunities and go on to write the 2nd most viral motivational Facebook video of all time. 200+ million views “You Are Who You’ve Been Looking For”.

“It’s so exciting and powerful being a creative in a community that is so supportive.”

Let me show you how the CREATE Membership can help:





Monthly Creative Prompts & Workbook

Our monthly creative prompt will be a fundamental part of your experience as a CREATE community member, providing the direction so many creatives need. They serve as a powerful tool to foster a sense of community and provide structured opportunities for self-reflection and self-expression within our space. You’ll also receive a custom workbook each month, providing a helpful roadmap to turn your creative process into your creative superpower.

Custom Community Platform

Your creative journey becomes a whole lot easier when you have a community of like-minded artists by your side, so we have built a custom community platform where you can connect, share, and celebrate together. As you receive support and feedback from your community, your confidence in your work will soar. You’ll feel more inspired as you begin to hone your authentic creative voice.

Monthly Live Sessions

Our monthly live calls are here to fuel your creativity and help you break through creative blocks. Each month, join Adam Roa and the rest of your community for a live group session to support you in your journey. You will receive deep creative insights and applicable tools to amplify your creative ability and ensure that you continue to get better at what you do. There are always replays available to in case you aren’t able to join live.

Monthly Celebration Showcase

Getting visibility on your art is KEY to your growth as a creative. So, we’re hosting a monthly art showcase! Get your art seen by submitting your work (inspired by the monthly prompts) into our CREATE gallery and then come celebrate with us live. There will be fun awards and prizes gifted each month as well as a gallery that will showcase EVERYONES art, so you’ll never run out of inspiration if you’re in a creative block.

Resources Library

“In the last two months, I have been able to create more art than I ever have in my entire life.”

How The Creative Prompts Work…

At the beginning of each month, Adam Roa will share the new art prompt. This announcement will be made through the community’s platform and email newsletter.

Using the prompt and your journalling workbook, you will create a piece of art, EVERY SINGLE MONTH! Get feedback in our community forums, and get your work seen in our showcase.

Our monthly prompts facilitate: Practice, Accountability, Visibility and Inspiration 

“I lost my creative spark 3 years ago, but I’m now I’m reminded to focus on my creativity daily.”


$324 $249 / per year

+ Monthly Live Sessions where you are given a unique creative prompt.

+ Monthly PDF’s with journaling prompts and exercises to guide you through Adam’s unique 4-step creative process.

+ Resources Library to accelerate and inspire your creative journey.

+ Monthly celebration showcase with awards and real prizes.

+ Access to community forums to meet your fellow members.

+ ANNUAL ONLY Founding Member Workshop Session

+ ANNUAL ONLY 5 days of Dating Yourself Course (value $99)

Not quite ready to go all in? Come and try us for a month.

“I couldn’t create anything for years and now all of a sudden I’m working on 5 different projects.”

Meet Your Community Founder, Adam Roa.


✨ Artist and a coach who is committed to helping people learn to love life.

✨ Has over 20 years of experience as a professional creative and over a decade of experience as a coach to high-performers, being paid as much as $1 Million for his 1-on-1 packages.

✨ Led retreats and spoken on stages all around the world.

✨ Has the 2nd most viral motivational Facebook video of all time. 200+ million views “You Are Who You’ve Been Looking For”.

✨ Featured in Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Disrupt Magazine, and has been listed by Goalcast as one of the top 33 game changers alongside Michelle Obama and Lebron James.

“Adam is one of the greatest men of our generation, not just because of his flawless integrity, but it really is his ability to coach through the lens of creativity.”

Gerard Adams | Entrepreneur + Investor + Philanthropist

Let’s unlock your creative expression together.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

“Working with Adam as a coach guide & mentor facilitator is just purely magic.”

“I’ve learned that I am creative. I created a painting. I wrote a lot of poetry. I did spoken word poetry. I stepped out of my comfort zone and I felt into this new side of me that felt softer. It deepened my relationship with my husband.”

Dom Farnan | Chief Conscious Connector 

“I found my class with Adam Roa to be a powerful experience for me.”

“Adam offers tools for us to utilize for self actualization where we come into our own sovereignty and self awareness. It made me realize that wherever I’m in a situation, there is always a way to reframe it, pivot, or transform so that I manifesting that type of life that I want.”

Samsara D. | Artist

“I’ve learned about myself, evolved through action, and seeing it by putting paint to the canvas.”

“My favorite part of the community and working with Adam, I just love Adam. It’s awesome to be a part of this collective and see all the different creators being vulnerable, watching them evolve and seeing what they can overcome and their beautiful art.”

Gulliver Farnan | Entrepreneur + Fine Artist

“My relationship with how I show up as a spaceholder has completely shifted and completely transformed.”

“In this space, I got structure and a clear pathway. I now trust my intuition more. I witnessed the evolution of my creativity and craftsmanship. The community holds me, supports me, and loves me unconditionally. We’ve become a family. 

Beatriz Soto | Modern Medicine Woman

“Nothing has brought me closer to my goals than my work with Adam.”

Adam grounded me, expanded my horizons, increased my bank account, and allowed me to step into the man I wanted to be. He flat out changed my life and I will forever be a grateful recipient of his incredible knowledge and insights.”

Seth Bunting | Entrepreneur + Founder

“My weaving now looks drastically different to what I was creating before. And that’s really cool.”

“The journal prompts and discussions have been crucial for me to dig from a deeper well of truth, authenticity and creativity. I’m grateful for Adam’s tips the other artists who are supporting one another with so much love.”

Faron Feiner | Weaver

“Adam truly allowed me to feel safe, to make leaps and bounds into the man I am today.”

“Adam gave me several techniques and homeworks that allowed me to touch areas that I usually stay far away from within myself. I really become aligned with my soul. He is like a brother from another mother at this point. Adam will change your life.”

Michael Dash | Entrepreneur + Best Selling Author

“Adam is a magical freaking human, he unlocked things for me that have led to incredible things in my life.”

“Adam can see so clearly through into the truth. He knows the exact words to say for you, to cut to the truth and he holds you to that. So deeply grateful to Adam for all that he did for me and cannot endorse him enough as a coach and as a human.”

Lindsay Roselle | Growth + Performance Coach

Have a question?

Who is this membership for?

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or an artist who needs direction to overcome their creative blocks and unlock their creative expression, The CREATE Community is for you.

Do I need to attend live sessions?

No you don’t need to attend live sessions, but we encourage you to join live when you can so you have the opportunity to connect with members, talk through any blocks you’re having and build confidence in your unique artistic expression. We will send replays of all live sessions so you never miss a moment of the magic

Where is the community hosted online?

The CREATE Membership is built on its own online platform where you can create your own profile, access resources and connect with other members.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this?
What is your refund policy?

We want you to love the community as much as we do, and we are confident you will, provided you actually participate! That’s why we offer a conditional “No Expanse, No Expense Guarantee” on our annual membership. If you complete the onboarding steps, share in our community forums, and submit a piece of art and still don’t feel this membership is right for you, we will refund you within the first 30 days of your sign-up date. Monthly memberships are non-refundable and can be cancelled at any time.

Become a Better, Confident Artist

It’s time to break through those barriers and become the confident, inspired artist you were meant to be.

“Adam Roa is a dope spoken word poet.”

“He is a facilitator. He is a teacher. He is a renaissance man who knows what it truly means to be in the integrated masculine. So if you’re thinking about working with him, the answer is yes. Not just yes. It’s a hell yes.”

Preston Smiles | Transformational Leader + Author