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    Mystery School: Magic is Real (FULL SERIES - PARTS 1 & 2)

    Magic is Real
    A 2 Part Mystery School Series For New Earth Creators 

    Part 1 
    Thursday September 24th 6:30 pm PST / Thursday 9:30pm EST
    Friday September 25th 11:30 am AESt / Friday 2:30am UK / Friday 9:30am Bali - AWST / Friday 1:30pm NZ

    Part 2
    Monday September 28th 6:30 pm PST / Monday 9:30pm EST
    Tuesday September 29th 11:30 am AESt / Tuesday 2:30am UK / Tuesday 9:30am Bali - AWST / Tuesday 1:30pm NZ

    Zoom link for both parts will be sent to your email after purchase. If you cannot attend one of the two parts of Magic Is Real, the live recordings will be sent to you. 

    Have you always wanted to be part of a mystery school?

    A place to fully explore the mysteries of your magic and limitless potential?

    Have you always sensed there is more to life.. more to you.

    There is a hidden part of yourself that hasn’t felt safe to be fully expressed in the world.

    you have a knowing. 

    A knowing that there is more and you are capable of more

    it’s time to unlock the mysteries of your souls Blu-Print

    Magic is Real is a 2 part Mystery School where you will unlock your fullest potential through a unique FUSION of EVOLUTIONARY ASTROLOGY AND THE GENE KEYS. 

    We will move through a series of initiations crafted to launch you into the SIDDHIC FREQUENCY of each unique Astro / Gene Key pairing. 

    This is your chance to choose into the reality where MAGIC IS REAL and YOU are the CREATOR of it. From victim consciousness to creator consciousness through self awareness. 

    Throughout history, mystery schools have carried the most important knowledge about how to tap into the secrets of the Universe and unlock your full potential. Yet in modern times many of those ancient keys have gotten lost beneath the mainstream chatter. Remaining hidden, kept safely in the hands of wisdom keepers until those who are ready to initiate themselves into the work, actively seek the keys out.