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    5D Lifestyle Mini Retreat

    5D Lifestyle Mini Retreat 
    Friday 10/20, Saturday 10/21, Sunday 10/22


    Are you ready to create from effortless flow?

    What is 5D lifestyle online retreat?

    5D lifestyle Online Retreat is a 3 Day mini virtual retreat that is designed to support you to awaken the dormant power that lies within you, gain clarity on your vision, amplify your vibration so that you can create the life of your dreams

     It will be a refreshing experience of Movement, Breathwork, Mental Magic, and Meditation and other cutting edge technologies designed to reignite your souls fire and illuminate your greatness

    We will be hosting this Mini Retreat in our private Facebook group where you will have the ability to engage with the facilitators and the community. You will be invited into the group on Friday November 23rd. 

    Secure your spot now for $33.00