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    Awakened Voice with AuSierra

    Thursdays at 3pm PST

    We're honored to introduce AuSierra to CREATE. AuSierra is a New Paradigm Artist, International Musician, Transformational Ceremonialist & 1:1 Mentor based between Miami, Florida & Ubud, Bali. AuSierra's passion & mission is in guiding groups & individuals to embody holistic harmony in pysche & soul through vocal liberation, conscious relating guidance & sacred purpose activations.

    AuSierra & her husband Elah share their Sacred Music Journeys online & all over the world co-creating unified fields with change makers who are inspired to transform & develop a new harmonious paradigm on our planet. Their unforgettable music & guided journeys involve uplifting anthems & transformational meditations that invoke soul revival, inspire heart opening, activate vocal empowerment & awaken the remembrance of the unity & pure love that lives within us all.
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    Awakened Voice is a vocal training immersion to explore new dimensions of the full spectrum of your sound, song, speaking voice & message. Whether you want to sing, speak, write or express yourself more clearly, this immersion takes you on an inner quest to remove blocks & supports you to increase your vocal capacity. We go into a flow state to open the clear channel that you are, expanding your true, unique, wholesome expression. Each session creates more amplification for your heart & voice to emerge through you in a fresh, exciting, creative way with empowered grace & freedom.