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    The World Needs Your HEART.

    Have you always felt like there was a part of you that wants to be expressed, but you haven’t known how?

    Do you ever desire to turn your emotions into something supportive to yourself and others?

    Do you feel like you have so much to say but just don’t have a safe place to say it?

    We know that feeling.

    It’s like you’re searching for something but can’t quite find the right escape from the chaos of life.

    But still, you know there is this spark inside of you. 

    This growing desire deep in your chest that wants to come out.

    A light that is ready to shine out to the world. 

    It’s time to let that part of you be seen. The authentic, real you. 

    The World is asking for it. And we want to help you deliver.

    Write From The Heart   is a 90min songwriting workshop where you will be able to unlock the writer within that you’ve always known was there. 

    We will help you discover the creative inside of you and help you learn the process of expressing your emotions through the powerful force of writing a song. 

    We will give you a tried and tested step by step process on how to get there.

    This is your chance to choose yourself. To say yes to discovering more of who you truly are.

    Learning to turn your emotion into art, to cultivate and express your creativity, will bring in more connection, joy, and abundance into your life.

    Your creative energy is the magic key to unlocking your full potential.

    The question is, are you ready to live life at your fullest potential.

    This workshop is for you if:

    ✅ You are ready to unlock the creative power you know is within you.

    ✅ You want to utilize all of your gifts to their have a burning desire to express your emotions and are looking for the right path to do so.

    ✅ You feel you are here to inspire others through authenticity

    ✅ You want to expand your toolkit for dealing with whatever life throws at you

    What You Will Receive Is:

    How to engage in the expression of how you truly feel.

    A roadmap on how to tap into your emotions and dig deeper into the meanings they have on your whole life.

    ✅ Five tangible steps on how to write a song from scratch, with no previous experience necessary.

    ✅ Courage to lean into the creative aspects of how you’ve always looked at life and just haven’t been able to express.

    ✅Walk away feeling inspired and determined to further unlock the brilliance that is within you. 

    It is all here for YOU.

    You have the ability to take control of your life to unlock your best sense of self. 

    Uncover your true identity that hasn’t ever had a chance to show itself. 

    It’s time to answer that calling that has felt unfilled for so long.

    Time to understand your emotions to a deeper level and learn how they can guide you to setting new intentions in every aspect of your life. 

    The world needs your heart and wants you to unveil this superpower within you. 

    Get ready to LEARN and UNLEASH your full potential.

    The music is ready and waiting to come out…you just have to say yes.

    It all begins:

    Tuesday, October 13th @ 6pm PST / 9 PM EST 

    Secure your spot now for $49.00

    10% of all proceeds will go to the non-for-profit Surrendered Artist. This is a platform that supports healing through the arts.