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    Collective Renaissance of Education, Art, Transformation, and Entertainment.

    Every Other Wednesday at 5 pm PST

    Welcome to The Jedi Gym 

    The path of the Jedi is about becoming a Fully integrated human being who lives fully in this world but is not bound by the self imposed limitations of this world.

    The Jedi Gym is like a Dojo where you come to train the more intangible qualities of high performance, invincible creativity, fearless expression, and personal empowerment. 

    This experience is for those who's deep passion and or career thrives on them being tapped into flow and creativity.

    If you are someone who:

    -Inevitably at some point struggles with perfectionism and self judgement

    -Has a fear of being judged, feeling creatively blocked,  or your workflow is affected by your mood or state. 

    -Are empathic & take on other peoples stuff

    -Procrastinates. You work too hard or not hard enough.

    And you desire to:

    -Work towards creative invincibility

    -Fearless expression

    -Have more consistent access to the Flow peak performance state

    -Aquire a mastery of your emotional state & the zero fucks zone of liberation that allows for your best art and performance to come through

    Then it’s time to step into The Jedi Gym

    In Joining The Jedi Gym:

    -How to be liberate your body so that you can fully be yourself in any situation

    -How to tap into flow state as needed - easily, consistently, and deliberately

    -How to experience exponential growth in your business and your personal impact

    -How to access a Jedi toolkit of best practices tailored for your unique soul

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