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    Every Other Thursday at 5pm PST

    Blu is a mystic, medicine woman, musician, artist, and storyteller - she is a devotee of life beyond the veil. Her curiosity of maximizing the human potential has taken her deep into the study of The Gene Keys, which has supported her in activating dormant parts of her own DNA. She has been endorsed by Richard Rudd, the founder of the Gene Keys, in her teachings of this profound lineage. Blu has also spent the past 7 years being a student in the shamanic world - studying the Shipibo lineage in the amazon jungle, learning the ways of the plant teachers, and gaining understanding for how we can work together to heal some of our deepest wounds. Blu is also the host of the Dejá Blu podcast, where she interviews some of the mostbrilliant minds on the planet today, such as Sadguru and Richard Rudd. In its first several months, Dejá Blu has already had over 120,000 unique downloads worldwide.

    Soulful Sessions with Blu is a combination of shamanic tools, prayer, play and Gene Keys activations - a grand synthesis of practical wisdom to help guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your true potential. Like a treasure map, this class invites you on a journey of self-discovery to find the true higher purpose of your life. The intention of Soulful Sessions is to activate the dormant power within each person present in the class.

    Whats included in this class:

    ● Tangible tools to help you improve your overall health and wellness and support you in

    maintaining a healthy mindset.

    ● Have the storyteller within you activated, so you can communicate your message with

    confidence, clarity, and humor.

    ● Get support in activating your own platforms, e.g. YouTube or podcast, so you can share your

    story with others if you desire.

    ● How to stop fear from dictating your life and lead with courage.

    ● How to design and create a life of purpose, fun and inspiration.

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