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    Every Other Thursday at 5pm PST

    SoulFill Sessions with Blu is an hour of remembering your personal magic. Blu will guide you through a variety of exercises that empower you amidst the chaos of the world. Enjoy live music, movement, meditation, intention settings, as you remember the power of play.

    Blu is an Artist, sound alchemist, mentor, musician and medicine woman.

    Blu offers life purpose activation sessions for people who are ready to unlock their fullest potential hidden within their DNA.

    Blu reminds us of the power and importance of play and through her deep study of the Gene Keys supports people to unlock their creative potential and tap into radical self expression.

    Blu is also a host of DeJa Blu Podcast covering a wide range of topics that support individuals to unlock their potential through self empowerment.

    Blu is a modern day mystic of the ancient healing arts.

    Follow Blu on Instagram @blucosmiceagle

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