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    What is the CREATE Scholarship Fund?

    The CREATE scholarship fund has been designed to provide an extra boost of support to members who have exemplified their desire to be a part of the community and are committed to utilizing their skills to benefit the planet. This program is designed to be a stepping stone, not a handout, and so there are methods of accountability to help ensure that our scholarship recipients are utilizing their CREATE PREMIUM membership to move their visions forward.

    This scholarship program is funded through the donations of our members themselves, as an additional opportunity to strengthen the CREATE community and support others who are desiring to better themselves, their lives, and this world we all share. We absolutely welcome and celebrate any donation you can make into this fund to help us support our members who could benefit from a bit of financial assistance.

    Apply to the CREATE Scholarship Fund

    We have a limited number of scholarships available, so we encourage you to apply only if you truly feel you need it. Personal development requires a stretching out of our comfort zones, and stretching financially is not a bad thing, if it inspires action towards your growth. If the cost of a PREMIUM membership is definitely outside of what’s possible for you, but you know that the mentorship of this program would support you in achieving your goals and you’re willing to be held accountable to a plan of action, then we encourage you to apply.

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    Donate to the CREATE Scholarship Fund

    Thank you for your consideration in donating to the CREATE Scholarship fund. Through your generous donation, you will be supporting a CREATE community member by sponsoring them in CREATE Premium.

    We recognize the power of community, and this is a tangible way to show how powerful our community can really be when we support one another.