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    Wednesday, October 21st 12 PM PST / 3pm EST 
    Wednesday 8 pm UK /  Wednesday 3 am Bali - AWST /  Thursday October 22nd 5 am AESt /  Thursday 8 am NZ

    Reveal The Secrets In Your DNA

    This is a never been done before experience in the CREATE Community where the Founder of the Gene Keys, Richard Rudd, will be joining Blu in a conversation of illuminating the secrets in your DNA.

    This will also be an opportunity for anyone that joins this masterclass to have an interaction with Richard live on the call during a Q&A experience at the end of the masterclass.

    Richard will also be illuminating our Venus sequence during this call which will allow us to access deeper levels of awareness with how we show up within our immediate relationships and our romantic partnerships. 

    The Gene Keys is an opportunity to unlock the potential and the secrets hidden within your DNA. It is also an incredIble blueprint to understand how to navigate this reality that we find ourselves in. 

    All of the secrets to our universe is found within us. By understanding how to use this quantum computer, this body that we have been given in this lifetime, we can actually engineer our reality to reflect an empowering  external reality.

    The gene keys is a place where we can truly understand the blueprint of why we came here and what we came here to do.

    Tickets for this live event is $33.

    We hope to see you on Wednesday October 21st at 12 pm PST for this powerful transmission.