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    Upgrade your potential

    ✅  A new model of online group coaching that makes world class facilitation affordable.

    ✅  Personal development classes from world class faclitators each week

    ✅ Be supported by 7-figure coaches/entrepreneurs in creating more abundance and joy in your life and career.

    ✅  Unlimited access to class recordings.

    ✅  All access pass to CREATE Masterclass Events

    CREATE is an online community that is focused on personal development for people who want to create impact in the world. We offer 6 unique monthly classes, each taught twice per month for 90-120 minutes, which means you get 3 LIVE classes each week, each one entirely unique and focused on a different area of life. Every class includes Q&A and direct laser coaching sessions. And every CREATE member gets access to our library of content, so you always have the opportunity to go back and watch the replays of any classes you missed.

    While most group coaching programs cost thousands of dollars, CREATE membership makes top-level facilitation and coaching affordable to everyone. It also allows you to have the freedom to choose which classes you want to attend depending on your needs and priorities at each chapter of your life. 
    Do you want to focus on building your business? We offer classes to support you in activating your message, developing intuitive business sense, and mastering the energetics of running a business. Are you intentionally working on your sexuality or healing past trauma? We have classes on connecting to your true sexual essence, softening and releasing wounds of sexual trauma, and more. If you are desiring to deepen your connection to your intuition and spiritual practices, we’ve got you covered there too, with various modalities and ancient practices. 

    Each of the CREATE facilitators have been hand selected because of their expertise in their unique field of study. Most of them charge thousands of dollars for their programs, but they are excited to teach in CREATE because of one simple understanding: If you truly want to change your life, community is key.

    Since the community aspect is so important, CREATE also features an online membership area where you can post, comment, and message with other members who are also on the self-development journey. Being surrounded by other people who are focused on being their best selves is one of the most powerful tools you can utilize to elevate your own life. 

    ✅ Be supported by 7-figure coaches/entrepreneurs in creating more abundance and joy in your life and career.

    ✅ Heal past wounding and trauma in a safe environment with facilitators who have years of experience.

    ✅ Rewrite your limiting beliefs, fears, and doubts so that you can begin to live a more authentic and fully expressed life.

    ✅ Build life-long friendships with people who see your potential and support you in reaching your goals.

    ✅ Unlock more of your unique self-expression and learn how to create more impact through bringing your gifts to the world.

    CREATE Facilitator Lineup

    We've assembled a group of world-class facilitators to support you in every area of your life. Start your self development journey in this interactive group coaching experience.

    CREATE is a space for you if you are ready to...

    ➡ Develop a healthy, constructive way to process your feelings about the state of the world

    ➡ Build a new or expanded relationship with creativity 

    ➡ Look for support and compassionate guidance through so much uncertainty

    ➡ Embody your message + Amplify your gifts and your impact. 

    ➡ Learn what this critical time means on a spiritual and philosophical level (and your role in it) 

    ➡ Grow alongside a community of creatives & visionaries. 

    ➡ Develop real life skills which will help you in your life and business 

    ➡ Desire to expand your heart & your consciousness 

    ➡ Desire to build an empowering mindset around health and wellness 

    ➡ Really just need an effective way to feel good each day

    We believe that self development gets to be playful and enjoyable!

    Though growth can be uncomfortable at times, a tight support system and a positive environment can inspire REAL transformational experiences. That’s why we’ve proudly curated 6 world-class facilitators and surprise guests, each bringing a diverse background of knowledge and experience so that every week you can really LOOK FORWARD to the process.

    In CREATE we understand that your life goes through cycles and that your growth priorities will shift from month to month. That’s why we intentionally designed our membership in a way that is most optimal for you.

    Every month there is a new theme that we focus on, chosen by the facilitators after a careful review of astrology, the global climate, and what is going on within CREATE.

    Classes are hand selected to ensure that we are covering a wide array of topics, including business, sexuality, spirituality, relationships, and self-expression.

    Every class includes laser-coaching where the facilitators dive deep with select members to uncover deeper layers of their current reality. This ensures that all the information is relevant, applicable, and we are learning together through the experiences we all share.

    You’ll leave each class with tangible “homework” for you to be able to implement into your life and continue your growth throughout the week. At the end of the day, our goal is to support our members in creating the lives of their dreams, and this means providing members with the tools they need so that they are empowered to do it on their own.

    New classes are consistently being added to CREATE so that you are always given access to new facilitators, new tools, and new information on an ongoing basis. Personal development is not a one-time workshop, it’s a way of life and we want to make sure that it’s always new and relevant.

    What Is Included...

    • 3 live classes weekly, each covering a unique topic, and spanning 90-120 minutes.

    • Laser-focused coaching and Q&A opportunities in every class.

    • Access to the CREATE replay library so you never have to miss a minute.

    • 6 monthly facilitator videos, breaking down the month’s theme from a variety of different

    • Free access to Membership ticketed events. Previous events include a Masterclass taught by Gene Keys founder Richard Rudd.

    • Access to the CREATE Membership members’ space where you can communicate directly with fellow CREATE members.

    • Opportunities to step into your own facilitation and leadership potential through our Community Creations classes that are taught by members.