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    In.Body SEXploration w/ Dr. Cat Meyer

    In.Body SEXploration w/ Dr. Cat Meyer - in The CREATE Community

    Thursday's at 10:00am PST

    Sex. How does that word make you feel? Do you feel contraction in your body? Or maybe a longing to hear more? Let's talk about it.
    Let's be honest, sex can be a challenging conversation to have, and yet it is something we're all curious about and affected by. In In.Body SEXploration, we sit down with sex + relationship therapist, Dr Cat Meyer, as she dives into real + honest conversations around sexuality. In this safe container, you have the opportunity to explore taboo topics, vulnerable shares, and unique challenges that may be inhibiting you from being fully expressed and feeling fully empowered in your own sacred sexuality.
    This rousing class opens with a brief embodiment practice to help you ground into your body and is followed by an in-depth discussion with Dr Cat around the hot topics in sexuality today.

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    CREATE Premium Facilitator

    Dr. Cat Meyer offers the In.Body SEXploration Class as well as recorded audio lessons about embodied relationships for CREATE Premium members.