Open Mic Sign Up

Open Mic Signup

How to be prepared

Join The Community

Join the CREATE community. Above in the menu navigation you'll see the tab to join. We'll need you set up in the Community space to participate.

Reliable Connection

We are using Zoom at the moment to bring remote performances to the community. We ask that you tune into the live event from somewhere you have a strong reliable internet connection.

It's More About Audio, Not Video

Above all, we ask that you get your hands on the best Mic setup you possibly can. If your video looks "crappy", that's understandable by the viewer... we'll just call it a "vintage" look on purpose :)

You know what we can't fix or enhance?... really bad audio. If the audio is so bad, we will cut the feed. The audience needs to understand you and enjoy or be able to bare the sound of the broadcast.