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    Sunday March 21st 5pm PST / Sunday March 21st 8PM EST / Monday March 22nd 10am AESt / Monday 12:00 am UK / Monday 8 am Bali - AWST / Monday 1 pm NZ

    Nadine Lee and Hartwell Sawyer will be offering two free live experiences leading up to the masterclass in the free facebook group.

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    Feminine Awakening

    Imagine ...Embodying the potency of your sexual energy & feeling safe in your body expressing it

    Feeling confident in your body

    Feeling worthy of receiving everything you desire 

    Surrendering into your feminine essence & relating to life from this space

    This is your birthright as a woman, & the key to awakening your feminine radiance is within your body

    Join Nadine Lee & Hartwell Sawyer for an initiation into your Feminine Awakening. During this masterclass we will be guiding you through a deeply embodied experience into awakeing the feminine erotic archetypes. 

    The Maiden - The Seductress - The Priestess

    Each of these feminine erotic archetypes are residing in your body & we are going to awaken each one of them through a three part embodiment journey into: visualisations, embodied dance & vocal activations.The feminine awakens through surrender. The key to unlocking this potent force is surrendering into the body, being fully in the body & letting this force of nature & eros awaken within you. Being in the body means we must be prepared to face all aspects of our human being: our emotions, our fears, our shame, our guilts, our pain. When we can allow ourselves to feel all the emotions, we create space for the force of the feminine to awaken us & liberate us.Feminine Awakening isn't about dogma, theories, or intellectual concepts. The feminine is the great mystery & we invite you out of your zone of comfort of the mind & into the realm of mystery & magick... 

    We will begin our journey with awakening your inner Maiden, by reclaiming your erotic innocence, connection to play, healthy boundaries & vulnerablity. Then we will awaken your inner Seductress, the wild erotic aspect, that wants to be unleashed in her full unapologetic sexual expression, claiming her desires & liberating herself from any shackles around her sexuality.We will close our journey through awakening the Priestess, awakening your divine connection, and higher states of consciousness; that is accessed through your sacred sexuality. 

    Meet Your Facilitators

    Nadine Lee

     I am Nadine Lee & I am a Teacher of the Tantric Arts & Feminine Embodiment Guide. I live between the tropical island of Bali & I have devoted my life to deep soul transformation & I am so honoured to share what has touched & transformed me with you, on this path.


    Over a decade ago, I began a journey to heal myself, as I was experiencing depression, anxiety & an eating disorder. During this transformational self exploration time, I healed the root cause of my physical & emotional dis-ease, which was sexual trauma. As I healed, I naturally wanted to heal others & so I began as a qualified Nutritionist specialising in womens eating disorders & body image. However, I found the missing link was always in Sexuality. From here I was introduced to the Temple Arts & Tantra. I later spent much time in India, training in Tantra, Yoga & Dance. For over the past past decade I have been devoted to transformation. My work, in recent years, has taken a dive into the niche of Feminine Tantric practices.

    Hartwell Sawyer

    I am Hartwell Sawyer and I live in Bali where I’m living my most creatively expressed life. I am a singer-songwriter,  vocal coach, and the creator of Royal Codes, a fast growing transformational clothing line that supports the embodiment of Divine Feminine energy globally.

    From graduating with honors at a top music school, to performing for 30,000 + people at Coachella, to supporting clients access their personal power through voice & story, to Activating Goddesses around the world... much of the healing and expansion I support is rooted in this:


    Why? Because everyone I have ever met has either wanted to feel more free in their voice or more liberated in their body. Feeling the freedom to express oneself is pure power and feeling aligned and sexy doing it takes you to an entirely leveled up reality. 

    Through a lot of personal studies, teaching and going through the healing and awakening of my own journey, I have found powerful ways to feel fully expressed within myself and to feel amazing and magnetic doing it. 

    I’m here to share this activation and power with you now.

    Who is this Masterclass for?

    ✅ Women who are sick of living in their heads & desire to feel more juicy 

    ✅ Women who may feel creatively stuck, & wish to unleash more creativity in their life

    ✅ Women who have difficulty receiving 

    ✅ Women who are sick of living solely from their masculine energy & are feeling imbalanced

    ✅ Women who are feeling a sexually blocked, including not feeling turned on, low sex drive, painful periods etc...

    ✅ Women who desire to surrender more in relationships & are sick of always having to lead from their masculine energy 

    When Does This Take Place?

    Sunday March 21st 5pm PST / Sunday March 21st 8PM EST / Monday March 22nd 10am AESt / Monday 12:00 am UK / Monday 8 am Bali - AWST / Monday 1 pm NZ

    This online experience will take place zoom. Tickets for this live Masterclass is $33. Your exclusive link will be sent to you as soon as you secure your ticket.

    Spots are limited.

    Nadine Lee and Hart Sawyer will be offering two free live experiences leading up to the masterclass in the free facebook group.

    Join the facebook group by clicking here

    The live experience will be recorded and the replay will be available immediately after for those that purchased a ticket.