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    Every other Wednesday at 5:00 pm PST

    Vuja Deus is the co-founder of Limitless Love, a company whose mission is to support people in finding and extracting their brilliance so that they can create new earth conscious businesses that serve all of humanity. His work has expanded thousands of entrepreneurs and helped them scale their business to multiple 7 figures. Limitless Love has given over half a million dollars to charity, and their high-level

    retreats have supported entrepreneurs in embodying their message, creating more impact, income, and

    prosperity. Jared has mastered the skill of elevating his frequency to match the future he is calling in and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to do the same.

    In Embodied business, Vuja Deus teaches you how to create a conscious new earth business through connecting to the deepest part of your purpose and practicing intuitive business development. This class will show you how to stand out and become an authority figure in your field by giving you tools to support you in embodying your message and becoming a vibrational match to your vision.

    What's included in this class:

    ● How to improve your relationship to your message so that you can communicate with clarity

    and maximize your impact.

    ● Tangible tools to accelerate your business growth and impact, e.g. how to create high ticket

    launches, generate more leads and have an empowering online presence.

    ● How to attract random opportunities and exciting upgrades in your business through

    mastering the energetics of the business landscape.

    ● How to uncover and address your limiting patterns and stories that are holding you back from

    your innate greatness

    ● How to create from your pure essence instead of creating from trauma

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