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    Sunday Feb 21st 5pm PST / Sunday Feb 21st 8PM EST Monday Feb 22nd 11am AESt / Wednesday 1am UK / Wednesday 9am Bali - AWST / Wednesday 2 pm NZ

    Creating Chemistry

    Valentine’s Day comes with its own interpersonal meaning + response. This year with a pandemic at our door, we have become more acquainted with the walls of our own house + the feeling of being alone or in stagnant energy with our partner.

    We all desire fire hot chemistry in our love lives; yet, given our current circumstances, how do we cultivate what we don’t have or have been lost? Sometimes the fiery passion is the manifestation of igniting each other’s childhood wounds, rather than something that is healthy + sustaining.

    In this 90 minute workshop, we will explore the concept of relationship chemistry to understand the energetics + psychology of how it’s created so you have the tools to intentionally expand it in your relationships. We will dive into the shadow aspect of chemistry, identify the red flags to be mindful of, as well as teach strategies for how to consciously ignite it for healthy love. This class will leave you with the knowledge of how to reach greater presence, passion, and desirability in your relationships.

    This experience is for anyone solo or partnered who like many of us, have been affected by the stagnant, isolating, + unsexy routine that this pandemic has brought us. It is for those who are seeking to understand the inner workings of romantic chemistry + master the art of healthy seduction.

    You will leave here feeling radiantly alive with your renewed or newfound superpowers of how to play with the energetics of attraction + fall more deeply in love with your own human self.

    Who is Adam Roa?

    Adam is a transformational artist, poet, musician, and international speaker committed to showing the world what it looks like to choose love over fear in every moment.

    He has been featured in Huffington Post, Addicted2Success, Elephant Journal in addition to being listed by Goalcast as one of the “Top 33 Gamechangers to Watch in 2019". His viral poem, “You Are Who You’ve Been Looking For" has been viewed more than 180 million times and touched the lives of millions.

    Who is Dr. Cat Meyer?

    Cat Meyer, Ph.D., is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a specialization in sex, relationships, and trauma. She is also an experienced yoga teacher, with over 13 years of experience in acro-yoga and exploration of how to blend mystical teachings with scientific inquiry to bring about a more holistic approach to healing.

    Dr. Cat Meyer is also the host of two podcasts: Eat Play Sex, where she interviews experts on topics of sex, love, and nutrition; and Erotically Wasted where she shares erotic poetry and stories designed to nourish your erotic creativity and connection. Her studies of the tantric arts and sacred sexuality over the past 11 years has led her to learn from a multitude of master teachers around the world. Dr. Cat Meyer has supported hundreds of people through their sexual liberation and true embodiment as an International Speaker and facilitator in retreats throughout the world.

    What you will receive from this experience:

    ✅ Tips on identifying traits of trauma bonding + unhealthy chemistry

    ✅ Experiential practices for shifting the energy + becoming more magnetic

    ✅ The principles of energetics as it pertains to polarity + romantic attraction

    ✅ Common pitfalls to the loss of chemistry + how to reignite it

    ✅ Self-love practices to amplify your desirability

    Tickets for this live event is $33.

    We hope to see you on Sunday February 21st at 5 pm PST for this powerful transmission.

    The live experience will be recorded and the replay will be available immediately after for those that purchased a ticket.