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    Every Other Tuesday at 5 pm PST

    Zahara is a Liberation Artist with a mission to support people embody their most authentic essence and become their fully expressed selves. She liberated her life force from the weight of societal expectations, addiction to various substances, depression, and deep trauma through meditation, yoga, spiritual psychology, EMDR, Evolutionary Astrology, ceremonial work, trauma release practices, and a slew of ancient healing modalities. Zahara now uses these various technologies and her own intuitive guidance to help her clients make quantum leaps in their lives in one-on-one coaching experiences and overnight deep dive immersions. She works without a set structure intentionally because this creates an environment in which whatever is most alive in the space can be met without hesitation, and everyones unique soul signature can be fully activated. As an ex-Olympic hopeful, Zahara understands what true passion feels like and what devotion to purpose is and has learned the skills and grace to activate this in others.

    In the Astro Dojo, Zahara invites you to identify your fear-based edges so you can learn how to transcend them using evolutionary astrology as a guide. The masterclass is a fusion of multifaceted consciousness training experiences with a multitude of processes that Zahara channels live in the class based on the unique alchemy of the group.

    What's included in this experience

    ● How to transmute fear into the spirit of strength and resilience.

    ● How to lead from love and inspiration instead of fear and survival.

    ● New insights that will help you understand the greater context of the nature of life.

    ● Tools to support you in optimizing the evolutionary opportunities that are present in your


    ● An opportunity to learn the language of Evolutionary Astrology so that you can interpret charts on your own through your own channel.There will also be opportunities to learn Astrology, group transmissions and a chance to have your own chart read during the experience!

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