Brand Building For Creatives: 12 Week Program



The program for those who desire to build a values-based brand that stands for something bigger.

Learn how to grow AND monetize a brand that is flexible to your creativity, and aligned with the impact you want to make in this world. Program starts Feb 1st.


Your time to become a well-recognized brand in the world is now.

Now more than ever, a brand that sets you apart from the competition is the thing that will accelerate your audience growth, impact and income. A strong brand is the most important asset you can have in your business.

But, like myself when I started out 15 years ago, you have no idea how to get the recognition that will sell out your offers and open doors to epic opportunities. 





This program is the blueprint to grow a powerful personal brand… fast.

Brand Building For Creatives will give you the tools, exercises, and resources from my 15+ year brand building journey that’s not only generated millions in revenue but also captivated audiences worldwide, building a loyal fanbase of over 500,000 people. 

My blueprint will allow you to confidently build your lucrative, impactful brand – the foundation to follow your dreams and lead a life of freedom, flexibility, fulfillment and FUN. 

“Brand Building for Creatives” is an action-oriented 12-week program that guides you step by step to:

Craft a signature style that sets you apart from the crowd, making your work and message unforgettable.

Create optimized content that reaches your ideal audiences and builds authentic connection with your followers.

Leverage your brand and audience to build a financially abundant career that provides freedom, fulfillment, flexibility and is FUN.

By the end of the program…

You’ll have a crystal-clear direction for steering your brand, an understanding of the platforms that work best for you and how to leverage the content and platforms you’re using. Say goodbye to overwhelm and confusion as you master the art of creating and sharing content effectively, elevating both the quality of your content and the impact of your message.

And that’s not all – you’ll craft a powerful funnel to build your audience and effectively monetize your content, art and/or offers.

Picture this: creative pathways for new people to enter your ecosystem, offers that magnetize your audience, nurture sequences that build trust and lasting connections, with the foundation to attracting invitations and opportunities.

✔ This is for you if…

You want to create an impact with your work and monetize in a way that doesn’t diminish your values, your truth or the quality of your art.

You’ve been working at your craft and trust that what you have to offer or share, is worth sharing with the world and you’re ready for more eyes! 

You want to increase the sales of your offers and grow your audience.

You’re ready to create a business ecosystem that doesn’t just generate financial prosperity but provides flexibility and freedom to continue to stay in your zone of genius and live a life that honors your values and feels expansive

You’ve been sharing online and working on your brand. You’ve tried things. You’ve been working at it. It just feels like things aren’t really working and other business/brand systems you’ve learned or tried, haven’t resonated with you. You know there’s a better way. 

You’re a creative entrepreneur, coach, content creator, artist, teacher, thought leader or someone with an important message to share and you are ready for your next stage of growth.

In our 12 weeks together we’ll dive deep into…


Week 1: Awareness – it’s all about self-discovery, identifying your blocks, and unraveling how your personal values weave into your creative journey.

Week 2: Direction – make choices that sync up with your unique blend of personal and creative values. We’re talking creative direction strategies that sets your brand apart from the competition. 

Week 3: Integration – let’s talk habit formation and nailing consistency in your creative practice. It’s about turning those creative bursts into a daily rhythm.

Week 4: Refinement – embrace feedback, roll with adaptive growth, and let resilience be your superpower. We’re not just refining your creative process; we’re sculpting your creative force.


Week 5: Platform – Choose the right platforms for you, optimizing profiles, and decoding the intricacies of different audience types. 

Week 6: Process – Uncover the art of storytelling, craft compelling behind-the-scenes content, and master the skill of building an authentic connection with your audience with my templates and systems.

Week 7: Product – Showcase your offers like never before, learn the secrets of packaging sell out products, and fine-tune your audience targeting skills. 

Week 8: Refinement – Collect and analyze feedback from your creative endeavors. Then, apply your refined insights to elevate your platform, process, and product strategies. It’s all about continuous improvement.


Week 9: Lead – Craft a magnetic lead magnet tailored to your audience – think eBooks, templates, webinars, or a tutorial series. Capture your audience’s attention and build a community around your unique offerings.

Week 10: Nurture – Design an irresistible email sequence for those who’ve downloaded your lead magnet. Nurture those connections and turn curious onlookers into true fans that can’t wait to hear from you!

Week 11: Offer – Develop a one-of-a-kind offer or package that showcases the best of your creative services or products. It’s time to turn your passion into profit.

Week 12: Refine – Review and refine your entire sales funnel. Let feedback and results guide your final tweaks, ensuring your personal brand strategy is on the path to success.

Previous Guest Speakers

Mia Magik

Mia spent years fumbling around, trying to create a brand, feeling like her magic was invisible. She doubted whether it would ever work and if she could be successful being her authentic self. For years it seemed like it wasn’t possible – until she started owning who she truly is, and created a strong brand. Turns out, people wanted her full magical self. She how has 2 book deals, a successful business and a highly engaged audience who soaks up her content, leading to opportunities she always dreamed of. 

Preston Smiles

World renown coach whose coached over 100,00 people. Transformational leader with multiple business, a family of 6, a successful podcast and global recognition that gives him total freedom and flexibility to live his dream life. Built an audience of over 500,000 across platforms and has been featured in major publications such as Forbes, BBC and Entrepreneur.

Gerard Adams

Built and sold Elite Daily for $50 million – a platform that was all about the power of brand and content. Named Business Insider’s top 100 most influential entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Over 1 million person engaged following for his personal brand. He is an investor, philanthropist, coach and trains a community of leaders on how to create their successful personal brand.

Meet Your Coach, Adam Roa.

✨ Adam Roa, a seasoned brand consultant and experienced coach with a track record of successfully transforming both individuals and brands through authentic, creative expression.

✨ Has over 20 years of experience as a professional creative and over a decade of experience as a coach to high-performers, being paid as much as $1 Million for his 1-on-1 packages.

✨ Led retreats and spoken on stages all around the world.

✨ Has the 2nd most viral motivational Facebook video of all time. 200+ million views “You Are Who You’ve Been Looking For”.

✨ Featured in Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Disrupt Magazine, and has been listed by Goalcast as one of the top 33 game changers alongside Michelle Obama and Lebron James.

What it's like to work with Adam...

“Working with Adam as a coach guide & mentor facilitator is just purely magic.”

I’ve learned that I am creative. I created a painting. I wrote a lot of poetry. I did spoken word poetry. I stepped out of my comfort zone and I felt into this new side of me that felt softer. It deepened my relationship with my husband.

Dom Farnan | Inc 5000 Founder of multi-million dollar global company

“Adam is one of the greatest men of our generation.

 I highly recommend working with Adam. I’ve seen the results in my own life. He understands how to bridge creativity with business and bring offers to the world. It’s no wonder he’s actually been paid a million dollars for his coaching (by one client for one year). My brand is stronger, more authentically me and I’m sharing my art as a result of him in my life.

Gerard Adams | Serial Entrepreneur with $50m exit and recognized thought leader

“Adam is a magical freaking human, he unlocked things for me that have led to incredible things in my life.”

Adam can see so clearly through into the truth. He knows the exact words to say for you, to cut to the truth and he holds you to that. So deeply grateful to Adam, I cannot endorse him enough as a coach and as a human.

Lindsay Roselle | Boss Babe COO, Performance Coach & Podcast Host 

“Adam truly allowed me to feel safe, to make leaps and bounds into the man I am today.”

Adam gave me several techniques and homeworks that allowed me to touch areas that I usually stay far away from within myself. I’ve aligned with my soul. He is like a brother from another mother at this point. Adam will change your life.

Michael Dash | Best Selling Author

“Nothing has brought me closer to my goals than my work with Adam.”

Adam grounded me, expanded my horizons, increased my bank account, and allowed me to step into the man I wanted to be. He flat out changed my life and I will forever be a grateful recipient of his incredible knowledge and insights.

Seth Bunting | Entrepreneur + Founder

“I found my class with Adam Roa to be a powerful experience for me.”

Adam offers tools for us to utilize for self actualization where we come into our own sovereignty and self awareness. It made me realize that wherever I’m in a situation, there is always a way to reframe it, pivot, or transform so that I manifesting that type of life that I want.

Samsara D. | Artist

“I’ve learned about myself, evolved through action, and seeing it by putting paint to the canvas.”

I just love Adam. It’s awesome to be a part of a collective with different creators, being vulnerable, and watching them evolve and seeing what they can overcome and their beautiful art.

Gulliver Farnan | Entrepreneur + Fine Artist

“My relationship with how I show up as a spaceholder has completely shifted and transformed.

I got structure and a clear pathway. I now trust my intuition more. I witnessed the evolution of my creativity and craftsmanship. The community holds me, supports me, and loves me unconditionally. We’ve become a family.

Beatriz Soto | Modern Medicine Woman

Have a question?

What is Brand Building For Creatives?

You’re a creative entrepreneur, content creator, artist, teacher, thought leader or someone with an important message to share and you are ready for your next stage of growth and want to increase the sales of your offers and impact with your content and work.

Who is this for?

This comprehensive 12-week program is a proven step by step brand building program for creatives where you’ll get clear on what to share and how to monetize it so you can create the impact and income you want to make.

What if I’ve been building a brand for a while?

The 12 week program will support you to elevate from wherever you’re at in your personal brand. Just because you may know how to create a kick-ass high converting funnel, an amazing nurture sequence or how to leverage social platforms, doesn’t mean you are doing all the things you know you are ‘meant to do’ to move the needle.

Because you’re human, there’s always A LOT going on, and as a creator – the to-do list can feel endless! This program acts as a compass, enabling you to pinpoint the most impactful actions and execute them, faster than you would do alone. You will focused on high leverage, high impact changes to accelerate your progress, with guidance, inspiration and accountability.

Where is the community hosted online?

The Brand Building For Creatives Community is built on its own online platform where you can create your own profile, access resources and connect with other members. We’ll also have a whatsapp group together to stay connected, inspired and accountable.

What if I’m just starting out?

You should have a message, product or service that is ready to be shared. This isn’t for a complete beginner, you are ready to elevate and build a brand around yourself. There’s a deep knowing that… it’s time. You likely feel frustrated because you are not just starting out… you’ve been trying to get something to pop for a while. And you feel a bit stuck. You don’t know what to do next, or what to focus on that will actually work for you. 

Brand Building For Creatives will give you the tools, exercises, and resources from my 15+ year brand building journey that’s not only generated millions in revenue but also captivated audiences worldwide, building a loyal fanbase of over 500,000 people. But it’s not just about how I did it or what I do. It’s a blueprint for you to find YOUR unique way that will work for you.

Let’s unlock your lucrative brand together.

Finally get the recognition and revenue you desire.

Be inspired by yourself 
& what you’re contributing to the world. 

Don’t let this opportunity slip away – the time to build a personal brand is now.

It’s time to know that your life, your message and your work, actually matters.