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    Kelly Carthy

    Kelly Carthy

    It's so easy to find ourselves caught up in the chaos of the world. When we're pulled into the delusion and stress around us we can feel overwhelmed, fatigued and off balance.

    That's why it's so important to remember that all the answers we need are within. When we return to a place where we can tune into ourselves and reconnect to our own innate wisdom, we are able to access our greatest potential. Take a mid-week journey back to purpose with a practice of reconnection and recalibration, while finding your flow in movement. The middle of the week is an opportune time to re-center and find the balance we may have lost.

    Use this hour to embody an authentic sense of purpose whilst absorbing the beauty of the east coast of Australia. Immerse yourself in the guided breath meditation, movement and mindfulness that self-leadership expert, Kelly Carthy provides.

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